If you want to know the basics to car maintenance, we offer training ideal for new drivers and the inexperienced in motor vehicles. Who want to learn simple things of changing a spare wheel, checking oil level, during the time in the course you will be shown: with one to one training you know you will be leaving knowing all you need to know, to keep safe and legal on the road.

The correct way of changing your wheel in case of a puncture,Slider_vi
The correct way to check all the levels on your vehicle, to top up to required safe level
How to check your lights and perform a basic light bulb change.
How to check tyre wear, tread depth and tyre pressure.
Basic dashboard lights and what they mean,
A visual check on basic items which could become a problem

You will leave with a fact sheet of your car, with  the oil grade, tyre pressure, and info on your car which you will need to carry out your checks


This course can either be performed on your own vehicle or one of the vehicles we have for only £34.95 inc vat

The course last for approx 2 hours.