Service List

Checks   Small service Full  service Major service
Drive in checks        
Fit protective covers  
Check service history  
Check interior controls, heater, switches etc  
Check operation of abs, srs lights, emg light    
Check horn, wipers, washers,  
Check air conditioning and odour  
Check interior and exterior lights,  
Check seat belts for and operation of condition  
 Treatments to remove internal contamination of engine and fuel  
Exterior checks for body damage condition    
Internal and exterior mirror check  
Check cambelt history and report if need changing  
Lubricate door, bonnet hinges and locks  
Under bonnet check        
Antifreeze for strength and report  
Coolant level  
Replace pollen filter    
Power steering fluid  
Brake fluid level  
Brake fluid condition, change fluid      
Clutch fluid if applicable    
Replace air filter    
Drive bels for condition and tension    
Battery level    
Battery condition      
Check battery ternimals and lubricate ternimals    
Charging rate of battery      
Oil leaks of engine and power steering fluid  
Replace spark plugs    
Replace diesel, petrol filter where applicable    
Check for water leaks, check radiator condition  
Check water hose, expansin tanks, clips for leaking  
Drain and replace coolant      
Under the vehicle        
Drain oil, replace sump plug washer  
Remove replace oil filter  
Check exhaust for holes, rust , security  
Check suspension bushes  
Check for oil, water brake fluid leaks  
Check , adjust clutch cable  
Check fuel lines and brake pipes  
Check hand brake cable for damage wear  
Check top up axles, gearbox levels  
Check for leaks and drive system  
Check steering rack for  security, damage, leaks  
Check drive shafts for damage noise  
Check  fuel tank for  security  
Check drive shaft inner outer gaitors  
check rubber brake hoses  
Check engine gear box mountings    
Change gearbox axles fluid      
Grease al grease points where  applicable    
Check tyre condition , tread, damage  
Check tyre pressures including spare  
Check brake calliper mountings    
Half way down checks        
Visual check of brakes  
Check coil springs for damage, breakages  
Check shock absorbers for leaks damage  
Check wheel bearings for play, noise  
Check top and lower ball joints  
Check anti roll bar links for play, damage  
Check suspension bushes  
Remove wheels    
Strip clean front brakes    
Strip clean adjust rear brakes    
Check brake drums, disc for wear    
Renew brake fluid      
Check brake hoses, pipes for damage,  
Vehicle lowered    
Refill with engine oil to correct grade  
Torque wheel  nuts/studs    
Locking wheel nut replaced in location    
To finish        
Road test vehicle and report any findings  
Re-check engine oil level  
Carry out emission test report      
Reset service light, subject to tooling availability  
Ensure all gear lever ,steering wheel etc are clean  
Stamp service book  
Remove all sear covers ,floor mats  

     At  additional charge
Brake fluid condition  
Ok  Needs changing
Tyre report o/s/f n/s/f o/s/r n/s/r Spare
Tread mm