Holts De Icer 600ml


Holts De-Icer 600ml – For Windows and Wipers
Holts De-Icer melts ice fast and helps reduce dangerous Re-freeze. No aerosol De-Icer works better.


* Holts De-Icer is designed to out-perform the other leading brands
* Melts Ice fast
* Helps reduce dangerous re-freeze
* De-Ices windows and wipers
* Delivers strong, wind resistant spray
* Harmless to car finishes

Start car and start to heat up the cabin. Spray Holts De-Icer to frosted or iced area. Wait 15 seconds. Operate wipers to clean windshield. For heavy ice: Score the surface of the ice with an ice scraper with teeth, spray on Holts De-Icer, clear ice with an ice scraper. After using product wash hands thoroughly with soap and water