Forte Advanced Formula Motor Flush


Advanced Formula Motor Flush has been specifically formulated to combat the effects that extended oil drain periods and modern driving habits have on today's technically sophisticated engines. Urban cycle and start/stop driving patterns increase the rate at which acid builds up; leading to accelerated and premature engine wear. Excessive lacquer and varnish formation reduces the efficiency of oil system components, such as VVT systems, piston rings and Hydraulic Valve Lifters. Forté Advanced Formula Motor Flush is fully compatible with all engine components and engine oils which are formulated to meet API and ACEA Service Classifications and international motor manufacturers' specifications. It is essential that engines are flushed with Forté Advanced Formula Motor Flush at each service. Forté Advanced Formula Motor Flush is fully compatible with and will not affect wet clutches.
Neutralises crankcase Acids. Removes lacquer, varnish, sludge and insoluble deposits from the crankcase.
Frees sticking Variable Valve Timing systems, Hydraulic Valve Lifters and Piston Rings.
Stabilises cylinder compression restoring lost engine power.
Cleans engines internally and provides anti-wear protection.
Cleans oilways ensuring oil flow to critical moving parts. Keeps new oil cleaner for longer.