This is a fogger that fills up the air inside your vehicle including inside the AC system to completely eradicate odors. Gradually, the fog dissipates and leaves only a fresh, clean, new scent. Quick Fresh is a total solution to musty, smoky, foul-smelling interiors. Used by professionals for a professional result APPLICATION To use Wurth Quick Fresh New Car Scent, roll up all the windows and turn the engine on. Turn the air conditioner and fan on maximum and turn on the air re-circulate button (it usually shows a little arrow traveling in a circle within an outline of a car). Place the can of Quick Fresh on the floor of your vehicle and press the button to release the fogging spray. Close the doors and wait ten minutes. As the can empties, the fog will circulate through the vehicle's AC system and passenger cabin. You should not be inside the car at this time. When ten minutes is up, open all the doors and let the air out. Initially, the scent will be strong inside the vehicle. If you can, allow it to sit with the windows down overnight or for several hours. Driving with the windows down will also help the scent fade. Since Wurth Quick Fresh New Car Scent actually eliminates foul odors, the odors will not return as the fragrance fades. Your vehicle will smell clean and fresh, not perfumed.

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